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Terms of use

Who operates this Internet site?

This Internet site, www.arteo.law (the “Site”), is operated by Arteo Law BV/SRL (“Arteo”, “us”). Arteo is a Belgian limited liability company (besloten vennootschap / société à responsabilité limitée) whose registered office is located at 1000 Brussels, rue de la Bonté/Goedheidsstraat 5. Arteo is registered in the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises under the number 0736.373.124.
You may get in touch with us at the above postal address or at the following e-mail address: info@arteo.law.

Site content

These Terms of use govern your use of our website. By using our website, you accept these terms and conditions in full.

Contenu du Site

The information available on the Site is offered for informative purposes only. The information should not be interpreted as legal advice, client acquisition or an offer of services. If you wish to seek legal advice, Arteo urges you to get in touch with an appropriately qualified lawyer.
Whilst Arteo does its utmost to ensure the content of the Site is comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date, Arteo does not offer any guarantees about the content and information on the Site.
If you have any questions about the content of the Site or if you spot any errors, please get in touch with us at: info@arteo.law.

Hyperlink to the Site

To create a hyperlink from your Internet site to refer to the home page or any other page on the Site, you have to seek prior written consent from Arteo. All applications should be made to info@arteo.law.

Intellectual property right

Arteo owns the intellectual property rights in the Site and content and materials on the Site (including without limitations images, logos, and text). Apart from viewing, downloading and printing pages from the website for your own personal use, you may not use and reproduce or otherwise exploit all or part of the Site content without the prior written consent of Arteo. All applications should be made to info@arteo.law.

Limitation clause and exclusion of liability

Arteo does not accept liability for any damage resulting from your direct or indirect use of this Site. Nor does Arteo accept liability for any damage resulting from interruptions to the Site’s online services owing to technical errors, viruses or any other factors beyond Arteo’s control.

Arteo does not accept any liability for the use and content of third party Internet sites to which our Site may direct you. Third party Internet sites and their content are subject to the liability of their author(s)/owner(s) only. Arteo undertakes to delete links if it learns they actually lead to illegal information or activities.

Information consulted on or through the Site is used at your own risk. Arteo does not accept any liability for decisions taken on the basis of this information.

Lawyer-client relationship

The fact of sending and/or receiving information through this Site does not imply that you are or become a client of Arteo. To become a client, you have to get in touch with Arteo or one of its lawyers. The terms of engagement are to be defined on the basis of our general terms and conditions.

Applicable law and competent courts

The Terms of use of the Site and its use and content are governed by and interpreted in accordance with Belgian law and any disputes relating to the Terms of use, the Site or its use are submitted irrevocably to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts, in the judicial district of Brussels.


Applications for information about the Site or its content should be made to info@arteo.law