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In an increasingly complex tax environment, Arteo is convinced that specialisation by sector and by domain is indispensible to offer the best services to the clients.

Litigation and tax audits

Assist you in litigation in front of the tax authorities and the courts, including the Court of Cassation, the Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.


Reflect with you on the paths to follow, inform you about the tax consequences and risks, assist you if necessary in obtaining a tax ruling.

Real Estate

Support you on all real estate tax questions, both national and international: real estate transactions, restructuring of real estate companies, structuring of real estate projects, tax aspects of real estate investment funds, etc.

Advice to large enterprises

Reflect with you on the most complex tax issues and help you make your strategic decisions.

Assistance in transactions

Structuring transactions, conducting tax due diligences, drafting and negotiating the tax clauses, monitoring the implementation.

Estate planning

Assist you protect, structure and transmit your heritage in optimal conditions.


Advise you on the VAT aspects of your transactions. Assist you in front of the tax authorities, defend you before the courts, including the CJEU. Analyse the compliance of Belgian laws and regulations with European directives.

Financial sector

Assist the actors of the financial sector: banks and insurances, investment funds, asset managers, etc.

Remunerations and pensions

Advise and assist you on the tax aspects of setting up alternative remuneration systems, management packages, incentive plans and pension plans.

Transfer pricing

Assist you in disputes regarding transfer prices. Advice you regarding transfer pricing principles and the governing Belgian, European and international rules.

Private equity

Assist you in the structuring of your funds, in your acquisitions, in the structuring of management buy-outs and management packages.

Financial products

Analysing the financial products and markets from the perspective of the various applicable taxes (withholding tax, “Cayman” Tax, stock exchange tax, bank taxes, subscription taxes, etc.), drafting the clauses of the issuance documentation.

International and European Taxation

Advise on the impact of tax treaties, European tax law and the OECD, assess the compliance of Belgian tax law with these higher norms and recommend the actions to be taken.

Tax and criminal law

Advise on the tax aspects of the prevention and suppression of money laundering, and assist on the tax aspects in criminal proceedings.