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Xavier Pace


Xavier Pace has been practising tax law for over fifteen years.

He focuses on advising clients regarding corporate tax, including the tax aspects of various types of transactions (e.g., reorganisations, mergers & acquisitions, financing arrangements) as well as regarding fiscal and financial criminal law. He also assists clients in their disputes with the tax authorities, and in criminal proceedings in tax and financial matters.

As a former magistrate, Xavier has an in-depth knowledge of the judicial environment, which is a true asset for his advisory practice, particularly in the context of the prevention of tax and criminal risks for companies, as well as in the handling of the judicial and criminal proceedings he is handling.

He is an affiliated researcher in tax law at the University of Liège. He is the author of various publications regarding corporate tax and tax procedure, and is a speaker at conferences and seminars.

He holds a law degree of the University of Liège (2005) and a specialized degree in taxation from the same university (2007).

Before joining Arteo as a partner in 2021, Xavier was a tax lawyer for over ten years in leading business law firms (2005-2015), then senior manager corporate tax in an international audit and tax consultancy firm (2015-2018), before being appointed magistrate of the public prosecutor’s office specialised in tax matters (2018-2021).

t // + 32 2 392 81 00
m // + 32 486 26 11 56